Wellspring Strategic Plan

We are passing through a momentous time in the life of Opus Dei, with the sudden death of the Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarria, in December. For so many of us, he was a familiar face and a reassuring voice – a true father.

With the grace of God, the elective congress, held in Rome on January 23, nominated Msgr. Fernando Ocariz as the new Prelate. In response Pope Francis appointed him Prelate that same day. Msgr. Ocariz’ first letter to the faithful and friends of Opus Dei can be found at http://www.opusdei.org/en/document/letter-from-the-prelate-31-january-2017/.

There is more change to come on the local level, too. This year we are beginning to implement Wellspring’s five-year strategic plan. One of the goals is to eliminate Wellspring’s debt by 2021, which would enable us at that point to launch the Ernescliff Reconstruction Project. As you know, the Ernescliff Reconstruction Project is key to the long-term flourishing of the Work in Toronto and Ontario.

Accordingly, we are asking all of our friends to consider making a special financial commitment to the success of this crucial initiative. Someone will be in touch with you to explain in more detail and to see whether you would be willing to do so. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments.

The prayers, sacrifices and donations of our friends have encouraged us to think big. We envision a steady stream of men and high school students benefiting from the wonderful activities that are provided with Wellspring’s support, for many years to come. We hope you will join us in realizing that vision, and we thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Taylor
President, Wellspring Cultural Foundation

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