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Pope Francis Receives New Prelate
On March 3rd, the Holy Father received Msgr. Ocariz, the new Prelate of Opus Dei, for a short audience.
“Monsignor Ocáriz made known to him the unanimous union of all the faithful of the Prelature with the Holy Father, and informed him of the pastoral priorities set by the Congress for the upcoming years: the family, youth, and an active concern for the most needy. Pope Francis thanked him for the Prelature’s apostolic efforts throughout the world especially the spiritual care provided each person, fostering ecumenism in countries with a minority Catholic population, and projects of social integration. He also urged the Prelate to give priority to a specific “periphery: middle class people and the professional and intellectual sectors that are distant from God.”

The above paragraph was taken from the regular newsletter sent out from Opus Dei. (If you would like to receive these newsletters, please follow this link www.opusdei.us/en-us/newsletter to subscribe.) The programs and activities that run in Ontario with Wellspring’s support focus on all of these areas.

Summer Youth Programs
The goal of these programs is to help participants to integrate faith into their daily lives, by learning about their potential and the impact they can have in society. If you are interested in these programs for yourselves, your family members or your friends, more information is available at [www.ernescliff.ca]www.ernescliff.ca.

One example is this summer’s suite of youth programs:

Leadership week for Grade 9 students in Quebec City, July 10-16 & July 24-30.
Service project for Grade 10 students at L’Arche in Quebec City, July 17-22.
Service project for Grade 11 and 12 students in Nicaragua, August 12-21.

There are also camps organized by parents for boys age 9 – 13:

Knights Quest at Port Burwell, July 9-14.
Camp Caribou at Barry’s Bay, August 26-Sept 1.

Cedarcrest Renovations
Finally, Cedarcrest retreat and conference centre is fully operational after a year-long, major renovation. Retreats are being held now and the schedule can be found here: www.cedarcrestretreats.org.

Rob Taylor, on behalf of the Wellspring board.

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